Called 5+ other businesses-NO ONE had an agent in the area or NO ONE picked up the phone at all.. John picked up & was available(in the area to bail out) within 30min paperwork was done monies paid. Fyi this was maybe 9pm on a Wed. Everyone advertised 24/7 availability- tonight Barbies Bail Bonds was the only business available and it went quick.... now I just have to wait for the call to go pick up my loved one. Thanks again John for your availability and your speedy service. Hopefully I do not have to see you again but if so I will definitely be calling you! Ty 🙏


Jerry is one of the nicest guys in town! I just met him today, had an unfortunate situation and ended up in the "clink". He not only got me out but ran to the county jail to get me out before the 2nd shift started. If he hadn't done that, I'd be in there for another night. UGH! He's also a very caring person. No need to get into what he did but let me tell you, one in a million. There is a reason why he has 74 "5" star ratings. Now he has 75 "5" star ratings. Wonderful person. If you have any issues and need a reliable and professional man to help you, call Barbies Bail Bonds and ask for Jerry. You won't be dissatisfied. And Jerry, THANK YOU! You literally saved me. (PS, when they tell you they're innocent, the chances are they just might be! It was ridiculous what I was arrested for. You'd laugh if you knew. Palm Beach Police, you guys need to CHILL OUT!)

Tony S.

Always friendly and very helpful! Willing to work with you to do all they can to get your loved one out! They are always our go to when a friend or family member gets in trouble. Haven't let us down yet!! Thank you everyone at Barbies! We appreciate you!

Jake C.

This place is quick and easy they will take good care of you and I went in and got right out within 3 mins and they are some understanding people they will work with you the best way they can and you will be all set . If y’all need immediate help this is the best place to call.

lonisha F.

Sitting in jail called five bailsbonds people they were all rude and disgusting just because I was in jail I call you guys for help don’t give them right to look down on me when I called Barbies they helped quickly bond me out of it would have been the first number to call I probably would have been out faster I was so greatful these people are professional Thank you Jerry! You the best!

Quanteria M.

Jerry & Summer were very helpful to my situation it was a quick process & I would most definitely recommend Jerry to ANYONE!! Don’t waste time sitting in jail. Call barbies bail bonds!

Lorenzo D.